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The year was 1912.  There were no writings by Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, or Jim Rohn.  Think and Grow Rich had not yet been published, and the trend that would give rise to the modern-day "self-development" movement was not yet born. In that year, however, one man published one book that would give birth to the modern self-development movement.  That man's name?  Charles F. Haanel. His revolutionary book?  The Master Key System.  

Now you can buy The Master Key System from any number of websites throughout the Internet. A few years ago, some people paid upwards to $1,400 for this information!  

While Haanel's book is worth that amount and more, it is also now in the public domain.  So why pay big bucks somewhere else on the Internet when you can get it here and now . . . for FREE!  

This is Haanel's complete system - 24 Weeks of complete lessons, mostly in his original writing!  Lessons include:  

bulletThe Dual Nature of the Mind
bulletThe Mechanism of Creation
bulletThe Law of Attraction
bulletHow to Develop Power and Genius
bulletThe Cure for all Diseases
bulletThe Law of Success
bulletAnd Much, much more!!

charles haanelGET YOUR FREE COPY TODAY!  Enter your name and primary E-mail address below.  I will immediately send you an email with the download link.  Simply click to confirm that you want it and I will give you instant access to Charles Haanel's entire system I call "Before the Secret."   

Why am I doing this?  Two reasons:  

1) I want to send you some great offers from time to time that contain some of the most powerful self-help and self-development information out there, and 

2) I would love for you to share this knowledge with others.  

It's that simple!  Armed with this knowledge you can transform yourself, your family, and the world, spreading the keys to success, abundance, wealth and happiness to more and more people.  Imagine a world fillied with happy prosperous people.  It can happen!  

SO ACT NOW!  I won't keep this website up for very long!    
- Michael Craig

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